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Note - Alba was originally composed for a singing cellist but can also be performed by a singer and a cellist.


The text of “Alba” is an untitled, anonymous medieval troubadour or trobairitz song from the 12th or 13th century. Troubadours were noble-born composers in medieval Occitania (now southern France/northern Spain) who would perform their music in the courts. Female troubadours, known as trobairitz, were exceptional in being the first known western secular female composers. Though the author of this text is unknown, the viewpoint of the song is that of a woman and the poem is often included in collections of works by women.


An “alba” is a genre of Occitan poetry depicting lovers meeting during the night and lamenting the coming of the dawn, as announced by the watchman.


“Alba” was composed in 2018 for singing cellist Malina Rauschenfels of Burning River Baroque. It may also be performed as a duet for soprano and cello.

Alba - score and cello part

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