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Marimba, Piano

1 Percussionist (Udu, Conga, Berimbau); 2-channel Fixed Media

Solo Percussion (Pandeiro, Voice, any type)

1 Percussion (Snare Drum, Shakers, Vibraphone) and 2-channel Fixed Media

6 percussion

i. Maracatú

May 30, 2012: Recife

ii. The First Mass

April 26, 1500: Coroa Vermelha, Bahia

iii. The Last Night of Maria Bonita and Lampião

July 27, 1938: Anjicos, Sergipe

Alto Flute, Percussion (Kalimba, Bass Drum, Cymbal, Marimba, Cuica), 2-channel Fixed Media

i. Pastorale
ii. Nocturne “Years ago, before I was married...”
iii. Yodeling Song

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