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“Crossroads” is a piece for solo percussionist who both sings and plays pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine). The piece is an homage to the Afro-Brazilian orixá (saint) Exú, who is an intermediary between the mortal and spirit worlds.


The text of “Crossroads” is a resetting of parts of two traditional Portuguese chants/sayings about Exú:


Exú da meia-noite, Exú da madrugada
Uma banda sêm ExúExu não se pode fazer nada.

Sem Exú, nada se fáz.


Exú of midnight, Exú of dawn
A band without Exú can’t do anything.

Without Exú, nothing gets done. 


Crossroads was commissioned by and is dedicated to percussionist Alex Smith.

Crossroads - score

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